martes, 4 de agosto de 2009

Margareta Westergard

After having translated El Bazar de los Abrazos by Sonia Abadi and Secretosde una Milonguera by Graciela H. López into Swedish Margareta Westergard decided to write a book herself about tango life in Buenos Aires, Tango iBuenos Aires - koder och passion (English: Tango in Buenos Aires - codesand passion. The book was published in Sweden in May this year. There is a section about the codes in the milongas based on an attachment in GustavoBensecry Sabá's book La Pista del Abrazo.
A number of phenomenons in themilongas are desribed, often illustrated by Margareta's own experiences,excerpts from her diaries from regular visits in BsAs 2000/2008

In July 2000 she visited BsAs for the first time. She stayed in Casa de Maria Tango during her first seven visits. She writes in herbook: It turned out to be a perfect place to stay for someone who goes to B.A.for the first time. Every morning there was a
plan made up for all about practicas, milongas and other places worth visiting during the day. Maria herself accompanied her friends to the milongas.
Margareta is a sociologist. Since August 2003 she teaches tango inSimrishamn in the south of Sweden, where she has about 60 tango students.
Margareta can be contacted on Her homepage:

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